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27 Sep Fund a Dream Honeymoon

wedding couple and car

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Whether you’re attending a wedding shower or you’re the one ready to go down the aisle, we all know about those intimidating registries and endless amount of gift ideas. Who doesn’t want that shiny and sparkling electric mixer along with those colorful dishes? But have you ever thought about helping that special couple experience a lovely honeymoon?

For the future bride and groom…What if your house is already set up? What if you don’t have room for one more mixing bowl and cutting board? Maybe you’re simplifying your home and desire to have less stuff and more adventure?

Let’s talk about another way to show generosity and kindness to that person who’s about to get hitched and has been saving money for their honeymoon. What if you helped them experience the honeymoon of their dreams by donating funds to their account?

If you’re the one getting married, wouldn’t it be great to actually go on that trip you’ve been dreaming about for forever? With Honeyfund, your dreams can become a reality. And for the giver, that’s one less trip to your local store.

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  • Type your name & your future spouse’s name
  • Type your location & wedding date
  • Find a photo for your page
  • Choose your currency
  • Choose a specific kind of registry
  • Type your wedding hashtag (especially if you are on social media)
  • Type your honeymoon location
  • Choose type of honeymoon
  • Pick a date and destination
  • Share information about the area
  • Set up payment info



Search for the special couple on the Honeyfund registry and donate.

For more information on this company, here are some FAQs from their site.

Use our travel agent link to set up an account with Honeyfund, and we’ll start planning a dream honeymoon for that special couple!

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21 Sep Why Do You Need A Travel Agent?

Why on earth would you need a travel agent in this digital information-saturated generation?


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With the world at your fingertips, and a hotel/flight combo that’s just a click away, why should you call a travel agent? Travelers spend endless hours surfing the internet for the best prices and lowest flights. But what do you do when your flight gets canceled? What happens when you arrive at your hotel after traveling all day to find a gross, moldy room with dilapidated furniture and tacky decor that smells like a frat party from 1999?

Here are 5 reasons why you need a travel planner…

  1.     The Internet Is Too Daunting!


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Have you ever spent any time on TripAdvisor? For every thousand great reviews, there are negative reviews. Everyone has an opinion they would like to share. But is it all accurate?

Even though we live in an age where we can read millions of reviews, look at endless pictures and book our own airline tickets, it doesn’t always turn out like the Internet says it will. Travel agents help alleviate any anxiety. Let the picky travel expert filter your search for you.

  1.     No Nightmare On Elm Street Experiences

Backpack Traveler

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I once showed up to a fancy resort in St Lucia only to be greeted by their roaches and mosquito nets over the beds. I had not used a travel agent on this trip. Did you know that many travel agents have traveled the world and personally stepped foot in the hotel/resort you are considering? If we haven’t been there, we know someone who has. We can also help with excursions, adventurous private tours, and restaurant recommendations.

3.     First-hand Knowledge Of The Area

Iceland Adventure

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My favorite part about visiting unique towns and villages is discovering the food and beverage scene. The little secrets of family-owned restaurants are priceless when traveling to a new town. Travel agents have many local connections, which can be very important. Do you want to do a cooking class with the funniest chef in Tuscany (wine included, of course)? How about a romantic boat tour around Capri? Or discover a glacier in Iceland? Travel agents have the inside scoop on who to contact and build a unique adventure catered to you.

4.     Travel agents are your personal advocates when you need them the most.

No matter how much you prepare, sometimes unexpected situations happen while you’re on vacation. When you book with a travel agent, they are with you every step of the way. We are your personal advocate. If you run into any issues, your travel agent can make calls and resolve the problem so you don’t have to waste valuable vacation time.

5.     Time is money.

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Your time is precious and yet so many people are willing to waste it. HOURS can be spent properly researching a vacation. It is so easy to get quickly overwhelmed and confused. If you have detailed questions or need to plan a complicated itinerary, we do all the work for you. We know the right avenues to take to get the job done, saving you hours of frustration. The only thing that we want for you is to relax and be with the people you love.

Why be a part of OUR TRAVEL AGENCY?

Our company is part of a greater consortium of travel agents. We have access to a grand network called Virtuoso. With this partnership, we are able to create an unbelievable experience for our clients, no matter the budget. We give them access to upgrades, lovely amenities such a breakfast, credit to use during their hotel stay.

Consider giving a travel agent the opportunity to take care of you from start to finish.

City in Europe

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A slogan we like to use is: “You take us in your suitcase with you.” Honestly, it makes your family trip much more enjoyable when you have someone on the line to help you if anything goes wrong. Most often, it doesn’t cost you ANY more money. A travel agent can often get you lower prices and help with all the pains and unexpected foes during your trip.

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11 Sep 10 Reasons Why You Need to Travel


  1. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. It will help you relate to other cultures.
  3. You get to experience new beauty and wonder.
  4. It will help you tell better stories.
  5. It will make you appreciate where you currently live.
  6. You’ll be more knowledgeable when it comes to other cultural experiences.
  7. It will broaden the current world you live in.
  8. You’ll be able to teach others about the things you’ve experienced firsthand.
  9. It’s exciting. It’s out of the norm. It goes beyond your normal 24/7 life.
  10. It will bring joy to your soul and give you a chance to breathe.
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15 Dec My River Cruise Along the Rhine


In October, I took a trip with my husband to Europe to sail on a river cruise alongside Switzerland and Germany. I chose Uniworld, a boutique river cruise collection. My cruise, Castles along the Rhine, did not disappoint!

It’s always been my goal to make sure my clients experience the best. So I am purposeful about my scouting trips, and I’m dedicated to finding beautiful and unforgettable locations around the world.

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland. Then, we caught the train in Germany. Finally, we sailed from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

While we were in Zurich, we booked a room at the Park Hyatt. The rooms showcased comfortable and cozy seating areas with warm lighting from lamps and modern carpet. The bed and shower area made you feel like you weren’t miles away from the comfort of home. The lounge had plenty of low lighting. It was an inviting and relaxing place filled with colorful art.

park-hyatt-zurich-2     park-hyatt-zurich-5
During our journey, we explored the Black Forrest. We saw the countryside, the farmhouses, the rolling hills and trees for miles. It’s experiences like these that make you think of the oh-so-familiar movie, “The Sound of Music” and watch it come to life right in front of you.
black-forrest     black-forrest-2
The city was full of little hotels, shops and cute little cafes. Ivy and foliage grew on the city buildings. Everything was picture perfect.
While we sailed on the River Rhine, I experienced magnificent views of grand and regal castles on the mountainside. I also saw colorful homes along the riverfront and observed the trees that were changing colors.
castle2     castle
You must experience sailing at least once in your life! The boat was incredible…from the blue carpets covering the hallways, to the golden decor lighting the walls. The blue and white chandeliers and the sleek flooring made the boat sparkle.
img_3629     img_3628
The chefs were personable and accommodating. Nothing is better than incredible food complete with a friendly smile. We were stuffed every night after an assortment of yummy cuisine.
chefs-on-uniworld     img_3940
There were also many seating options to choose from as well as areas to rest. In between meals, we had our choice of flavored waters and yummy snacks. The bar, with glassware hanging from the ceiling, had an endless array of great wines and other bubbly beverages.

My husband and I stayed 3 nights at the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. It was perfect for our vacation. Although it was not in the center of the city in the hustle and bustle of everything, it was still within walking distance to everything.


We loved our Canal view and highly recommend this for anyone’s stay. The service at the hotel was perfect and the Concierge was amazing. All we had to do was ask, and it was taken care of for us. In my opinion, this is a perfect Virtuoso 5* hotel in a quiet neighborhood with beautiful views of the canal.

I only got to see outside of the Anne Frank house. If you want to see the inside of this historic building, never book your trip two weeks before you travel. I was able to see the famous van Gogh portrait and explore the city. I also thoroughly enjoyed my meal at the Blue Pepper in the city of Amsterdam.

img_3945     van-gogh
I’m always ready for the next adventure, and can’t wait to scout out a new city for you! Where do you want to go next? I’ve got a few ideas…
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02 Sep Cruise Ship Offer: Awesome Experience On Oceana


Cruise Ship For Your Next Vacation

As you and your family think about your next vacation destination, have you ever considered going on a cruise? Cruise ships if you pick the right one, can offer so many features to make your travel experience incredible!

Cruises Are For Several Kinds Of Groups

Cruises are great for any group! Couples, families, a group of friends, and any celebration.

The ship experience is incredible. From the food, to the service, to the entertainment, your experience will not only be enjoyable but worth every penny.

This is the 6th year for Oceania Cruises to be voted as the “Best Premium Cruise Line” by Virtuoso.

Oceania Cruises have one of the largest kitchens at sea! They are known for their incredible cuisine (fresh produce and yummy creations) found in their cafes and restaurants.

Activities On The Ship

When you choose Oceania, you will not be disappointed! There are many activities for you to choose from! Not only do you get to discover some incredible countries when you stop at different ports, there’s always a celebration on the ship. From the pool, to a game of golf on a putting green, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Extra Features

Their suites, complete with a pillow menu, make you feel like you have a home away from home.

CLICK HERE to check out some great deals with this amazing cruise line and book your vacation today!

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18 Nov October Update

amalfi coast and sea800x533The Luv2Travel office has been in a busy season these past few months. With the weather getting cooler and less than 30 days until Thanksgiving weekend, travel doesn’t stop and we’re okay with that. Exploring all that Germany has to offer, our clients have experienced Berlin and Munich. Others chose to sail on the Regent Cruise Ship to Alaska while a few cruised to French Polynesia aboard the Windstar. Some travelers ventured to the Northwest, participating in the Rocky Mountaineer gold service to Canada with add ons in Seattle and Vancouver that included private, breathtaking plane tours. We had groups who traveled to Italy and the Caribbean. They participated in some incredible excursions!

For some families, it was vacationing on a silky white sand beach in Punta Cana, watching the sunset cascade over the crystal waters. A vibrant group of girlfriends zipped through the Amalfi Coast on curvy roads and took in all the rich history and savory food Italy has to offer.

Regardless of the location, we hope to make your experiences unforgettable, so when you’re on your way back home, you’re already dreaming of your next destination. In early October, I led a women’s trip to the Amalfi Coast and then continued on to Florence. It was a beautiful trip – from the elegant hotels to the exquisite fare to the fascinating site-seeing tours. We’ll take you on a sneak peak of my Italian adventure. You also don’t want to miss out on Luv2Travel’s upcoming specials.

Make sure you plan for Spring Break and summer. It’s never too early to book a trip. If you want to go somewhere last minute for Christmas, we have some availability for a few beautiful, tropical regions. We have a list of helpful travel tips to share with you. And finally, we’ll let you in on some exciting news about our new website! Thank you for trusting Luv2Travel with your vacation plans. We’re honored to help make your trip extraordinary.


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